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The China Association for Geospatial Industry and Sciences (CAGIS) is a first-level, registered, national non-profit organization, authorized and supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Formerly known as China Association for Geographic Information System, it was established in 1994. So far, there are thousands of members including most of well-known geospatial enterprises within China. As a bridge between the government and the enterprises, CAGIS not only assists the execution of national geospatial industry policies and regulations for the government, but also promotes the market order and market fairness on behalf of the enterprises.


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CAGIS Secretary Office

  • General Management Department

  • Membership Department

  • Science and Technology Development Department

  • Industry Development Department


  • Theory and Method Working Committee

  • Standard and Quality Working Committee

  • Education and Popular Science Working Committee

  • Government Information Working Committee

  • Spatial Data Working Committee

  • Software Industry Working Committee

  • Environment Information Working Committee

  • City Information Working Committee

  • Geographic Information Emergency Service Working Committee

  • Geographic Information and National Security Working Committee

  • Cartography Working Committee

  • Geographic Information Public Service Working Committee

  • National Land Resource Working Committee

  • Geographic Monitoring Working Committee

  • Equipment Working Committee

  • Location Service Working Committee

  • Cloud Computing and Internet Working Committee

  • Remote Sensing Application Working Committee

  • Irrigation Information Working Committee

  • Precise Agriculture and Forestry Working Committee

  • Tourism Geographic Information Working Committee

  • Credit management and advisory Working Committee

  • Real estate Working Committee

  • Underground Space Working Committee

  • Power Information Working Committee

  • UAV Aerial Remote Sensing Working Committee

  • Geographic Information Culture Working Committee


To guide and foster the healthy and orderly market of geospatial information industry within China;

To research various strategies and policies governing the development of the geospatial information industry in China;

To carry out academic activities and National geospatial Information Industry Exhibitions, to promote advanced experience and commend the advanced technologies, projects and enterprises;

To perform annual evaluation and certification of the geospatial information software and the engineering techniques; 

To provide geospatial information technical and consulting services, project argumentation, science and technology achievement appraisal, product evaluation, and professional title qualification;

To provide employment information services and training of technical and administrative personnel;

To set and review standards of geospatial information industry, and to promote the development of data-sharing mechanism for geospatial information;

To publish Geomatics World, the journal of CAGIS, and popular science readings and books of geospatial information;

To strengthen the cooperative relationship with the foreign geospatial information organizations.

Main Activities



China Geospatial Information Engineering Award (since 2003)

China Geospatial Information Science and Technology Award (since 2010)

Geospatial Information Software Testing and Evaluating (since 2004)


Top 100 Chinese Enterprises in Geospatial Information industry (since 2014)


Most Active Chinese Small and Medium-size Enterprises in Geospatial Information Industry (since 2015)


High-growth Enterprises in Geospatial Information Industry (since 2017)


National Geospatial Information Industry Conference (since 1994)

Journal of Geomatics World (since 2003)

International Cooperation and Communication

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